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Keynote Speaker
Odette Shirley: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Odette Shirley

Founder & CEO - Maison Jouvence, LLC

Your WHY Matters!

It takes courage, confidence, determination, and hard work to make it in the business world.
It's a journey riddled with many bumps and challenges that can deter you from your path. However, if you keep your purpose in mind, you will never stray too far from where you are meant to be.

Join me for an interactive experience as we discuss the importance of knowing your “why”, moving with purpose, and being intentional with everything it is you do.

About Odette Shirley

Odette was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa and raised in Paris, France.
At the age of 23, she moved to the US to continue her studies in Business Administration, and later attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university for Airport Operation Management and Logistics.
Odette spent close to 20yrs as an airline vendor executive while being a single mother of three.
Being an avid wellness and self-care advocate, Odette decided to go back to school and learn massage therapy and other modalities. It’s with those skills she picked up the hobby of candle-making and learned the importance of the body, mind, and soul connection.
As her passion for the crafts grew, and the urgency in self-care amid the Covid outbreak, Odette birthed Maison Jouvence, a company specialized in chemical free self-care products and mindset awareness for the busy professional and entrepreneurs.
The main goal for the brand is to provide to all a “feel-good” lifestyle with items that promote one’s well-being and reminds them to always prioritize the self.
With the astounding success of Maison Jouvence, Odette is now on a mission to empower other entrepreneurs to walk in their purpose, and remind them that between their daily superhero duties, a very well deserved “me-time” is needed to keep pushing!