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L. Carl Robinson: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

L. Carl Robinson

CEO & Founder - Cedar Bear Naturales

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience By Going 100% Alcohol-Free.

The natural supplement industry has been dependent on alcohol extractions for decades without a clear way to stand out from the crowd. Learn how a glycerin-based approach, as a 100% alcohol-free option, can enhance your customer’s experience which will have them coming back for more. Sell more than a product, offer a new lifestyle. Come taste the difference for yourself.

About L. Carl Robinson

L. Carl Robinson, MH,TT,CCHt

C.E.O./Founder of Cedar Bear Naturales, Inc, a U.S. based manufacturer of alcohol-free liquid herbal and dietary supplements using the TincTract® processes that he developed.

Carl is a Clinical & Formulary Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist. He holds a Master of Herbology in Herbal Pharmacognosy (the study of botanical medicinal components) & Pharmacology. An Industry Insider to the herbal and supplements products industry for over 30 years, Carl has developed and co-developed revolutionary alcohol-free liquid processing technologies for herbs and mineral products. He has authored numerous White Papers, published works and educational courses on herbs and herbal therapies, clinical aromatherapy, alcohol vs non-alcohol made products, iodine deficiency related issues, and sustainable natural health & living. As natural health educators, Carl and his wife Jhoane have been featured in numerous radio shows throughout the U.S. They live in Northeastern Utah, on the Cedar Bear Herb Farm.