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Kunal Chopra & Mitchell Bailey: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Kunal Chopra & Mitchell Bailey

CEO & COO - Kaspien

The Power of Diversification - Why Integrating Amazon, Walmart, and Other Marketplaces is Invaluable to Long-Term Brand Growth

As a top Amazon FBA seller for the past 12 years, Kaspien has helped thousands of brands grow leveraging marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others. And, if this year has taught us anything about ecommerce, it’s that every brand needs to be making moves to launch or expand online, and the marketplaces are an essential piece of that. In this presentation, Kunal will explore why diversifying your ecommerce business is essential, and how to do that via the online marketplaces.

About Kunal Chopra & Mitchell Bailey

Kunal Chopra -
Kunal grew up in Mumbai, India and after finishing his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from The University of Mumbai, came to the United States to do his Masters in Computer Science from Clemson University.

Kunal was recruited from there to Microsoft as an individual contributor and from there he grew his career to becoming the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a private software company (Unikrn) within the span of 9 years. Currently he serves as the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Kaspien (NASDAQ:KSPN).

During this time Kunal has held leadership positions as General Manager at Microsoft, General Manager at Amazon and as Director of Product at the world’s fastest growing startup - Groupon. He has consulted with the world’s largest hedge fund - Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest fixed income investment advisors - NISA Investment Advisors, one of the world’s best educational focused performance marketing company - All Star. He also holds an MBA from a Top 5 Global Business School - The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science from Clemson University.

He is also a mentor and an advisor to early stage technology startups through his association with Techstars - the world’s # 1 accelerator.

Kunal has also founded/invested in several startups - three of his recent ones include 1. Coursetake - a company that provides curated interview preparation material that is company and position specific 2. Finagic (Stealth) - Uses AI and Prescriptive Analytics to better manage your investment portfolio and 3. Alignya (Stealth) - a platform empowering managers to crush their business goals.

Kunal is also the author of several books empowering his readers to build successful businesses and careers.

Mitchell Bailey -
Mitchell has played a significant role in Kaspien’s development throughout his many years with the company. Skilled in his ability to adapt, lead, and efficiently execute, Mitchell helps lead Kaspien into the future. Through varying roles at Kaspien over the years, he has gleaned a wealth of knowledge regarding the company and the commerce industry.