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Krish Karthik: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Krish Karthik

CEO - B2B2C Solutions Inc.

The AIIOT Transformation: Blurring the Lines between Online and Offline Retail

Whats the future of Physical retail. Even before COVID Brick and Mortar retail was fighting ground to Online retail. With the acceleration of technology in online retail, Brick and mortar is long overdue for an overhaul. With smart retail technology we can bridge the gap with AIIOT, AR and deep computer vision. Customers want to shop in store but not wait in checkout lines. With gesture recognition ,lift and learn, place and learn technologies, integrating to an virtual fitting solution using augmented reality, B2B2C solutions is set to reimagine the future of physical retail and bridge the gap with online retail.

About Krish Karthik

Krish Karthik comes with over 15 years of designing high performance ecommerce B2B2C solutions. He is on a mission to bring the same predictive analytics and experiences to the Brick and Mortar stores.