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Greg Handloser: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Greg Handloser

Chief Sales Officer - Product Fulfillment Solutions

Transforming Retail Supply Chains for the Future

Thought leadership required for e-commerce and the future of retail. Key performance indicators to scale your business for success

About Greg Handloser

Greg Handloser is the Chief Sales Officer at Product Fulfillment Solutions (“PFS”), a third-party logistics (“3PL”) company assisting clients with end-to end warehouse, transportation, and logistics solutions in today’s changing requirements for e-commerce fulfillment. While at PFS, Greg has been instrumental in developing upgraded capabilities proven to win business and achieved a 253% growth rate in revenue in the last six months. Greg leads a team with the appropriate skills and qualifications that achieve exceedingly positive outcomes in sales and marketing.

Mr. Handloser’s long career vocation of revenue generation, has focused on solving business problems for clients with a transformational approach, grounded in thought leadership and humility. Greg specializes in solving complex sales, marketing, and leadership problems. With almost 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, Greg has worked with many teams across the globe generating success in a wide variety of industries. His capability in mentoring organizations with strategic selling strategies and new business acquisition techniques is one of his signature accomplishments. His leadership tackles the challenge of defeating problematic industry difficulties to fulfill rising customer needs and achieve growth working closely with supply chain executives.

Product Fulfillment Solutions Vision is to Transform Retail Supply Chains for the Future. Their Mission, We Give a Ship. To learn more about Product Fulfillment Solutions contact Greg via email at