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Ekiba Joseph: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Ekiba Joseph

Founder & CEO - Atlantic Gold Sea Moss

Sea Moss Benefits & Uses

Explain how sea moss is harvested, from planting to the drying process. It helpedExplain some of the health benefits – rich in minerals such as iodine, iron, magnesium, B Vitamins and zinc. These nutrients have been found to reduce inflammation, balance hormones, reduce excess mucus, increased energy and libido, help with muscle recovery after workout. I’ll also speak about how to use sea moss in food and beauty applications.

About Ekiba Joseph

Founder of Atlantic Gold Sea Moss and sea moss distribution company from S. Florida. Background in tradeshow logistics and owner of a blog site made it easier to understand shipping and social media for an e-commerce brand. Growing up in Antigua, sea moss was something we ate as a delicacy, not realizing how benefital it was. My mother started selling sea moss at the farmers market for several years. 2 years ago, I ended up living in her spare bedroom after becoming homeless. With my back against the wall and nothing to lose, I used her supplier, I made a business selling sea moss online. With a year, I had my own place to live and an office/warehouse space.

My goal is to make this healing plant available to as many people as possible. So they can use it as supplement to improve thier health and general quality of life. Spread the word about growing sea moss sustainably.