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Dr. Eric Morrison: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Dr. Eric Morrison

Chief Scientific Officer - Superior Nano

Nanos in Personal Care and Pet Products

Nanocarriers as drug delivery systems improve the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of conventional drugs and cosmetic active ingredients (cosmeceuticals) by improving bioavailability and delivering ingredients specifically to the site of action. Limitations of nano systems have been economical manufacturing and achieving sufficient active compound concentrations.

This talk will give an overview of nanotechnology in pharmaceutical, personal care, household and pet products and an introduction to the subject of Dense Nanolipid Fluids (DNLFs) as highly concentrated nanocarrier systems. DNLF technology overcomes the problem of low active concentrations while maintaining the high bioavailability of nano dosage forms. The presentation will include a discussion of the rapidly expanding of applicability of DNLF technology to personal care products, including subtopics of 1) types of cosmeceutical compounds that are amenable to DNLF nanoization, 2) properties and examples of cosmeceutical DNLF products, and 3) brief outline of DNLF manufacturing methods.

About Dr. Eric Morrison

Dr. Morrison is a pharmaceutical scientist with a PhD in organic chemistry from Penn State and industrial experience at 3M and Ecolab. In collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and the University of Minnesota, he discovered and pioneered the field of Dense Nanolipid Fluids (DNLFs) for drug delivery. Dr. Morrison is the world’s leading scientific expert on DNLFs and is a co-founder of Superior Nano which produces DNLF dispersions with CBD and botanical skin care active ingredients including retinol, ascorbate, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, coenzyme Q, ellagic acid, humulene and birch terpenes. We are uniquely qualified to present information on drug and cosmeceutical properties of DNLF products such as those which are described in our International Journal of Pharmaceutics publication at