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Chanise Gibbs: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Chanise Gibbs

CEO - Bareskin USA

Rediscover the Beauty of your Bare Skin

The purpose of this presentation will be to educate the audience on the importance of healthy skin,the importance of a proper skin care regimen and the beauty of the skin that you're in.

About Chanise Gibbs

Chanise Gibbs is a woman with passion and a purpose. She is greatly influenced by her past and the present of the future. Her inspiration is drawn from her great grandmother who was an avid traveler. At an early age she began displaying her love for travel and began focusing on entrepreneurship.

She received her Bachelors Degree if Science at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. This is where she gained her first experienced as a entrepreneur where she first entered the beauty industry as a hairstylist,who has over 15 years in the beauty industry.

Chanise Gibbs is the creator and CEO of BareSkin USA. The brand was created to tell the story of melanin rich people through skincare. As we are rooted throughout the globe, we share a common connection through dialect, food, music, and culture. Baring it all will never be easy. Our skin tells a story of pain, power, and perseverance. Storytelling through skincare allows us to "Bare Our Naked Truth". Our handcrafted plant-based products are uniquely formulated to help promote healthier radiant skin. This allows you to rediscover the beauty of your "Bare Skin".