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Brandon Mcghee: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Brandon Mcghee

Founder & CEO - Cre8te Tech

Utilizing Technology to Ensure Success in a Post-Pandemic Economy


About Brandon Mcghee

Brandon McGhee is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist, who founded Cre8te Technology, a tech company founded on diversity and inclusion.

Creativity has always been a leading force in Mr. McGhee's life. It is in fact one of his God given talents. He has always been known to stay up late at night thinking about and plotting out the "next big thing".

An innovative idea let Mr. McGhee to start Cre8te Technology in 2018, on the basis of offering like-minded creative individuals with ideas, the opportunity to bring them to life. WIth the help of his team of engineers, they're able to take an idea from concept to market, briding the gap between the two. His motto for the company is "Our only limitation is your imagination."

With that motto driving forward daily, Brandon McGhee is looking forward to making an impact on not only the technology industry, but ultimately the world!