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Alison Wiznura-Rubens: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Alison Wiznura-Rubens

Founder & CEO - Bubbles & Bliss Soap Company Inc.

Green Skin Care: Focus on Natural Ingredients & Minimal Waste

A look at shifting the current trends in manufacturing of products in the beauty industry to a strategy of using natural, ethically sourced ingredients with an additional focus on the importance of low to no waste with packaging in the beauty industry.

About Alison Wiznura-Rubens

Alison Wiznura-Rubens is the founder/CEO of Bubbles & Bliss Soap Company Inc., a natural bath and body company. Since she lives in a northern climate, Alison knows a thing or two about cool, dry air and the impact it can have on skin. A former designer, Alison has made the change to pursue a career in developing and selling products that contain natural ingredients which are beneficial for the skin. The company believes in ethically sourcing ingredients and the need to create products in a fashion that is low to no waste - where ever possible.