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Exhibitor Spotlight: C.B. Dough

C. B. Dough is a health and wellness based brand that produces small batches of ready-to-bake CBD infused cookie dough to add some delicious calm to your self-care routine.

Like we've mentioned, we produce refrigerated pre-made CBD infused cookie dough, ready to bake whenever you want to treat yourself to something soothing.

C.B. Dough was born from the minds of two sisters that decided they wanted to work together to make something delicious. We hope the level of love we feel towards our cookies is obvious-- and we want you to feel it too, through every bite.

Each ingredient that goes into our cookie dough is hand curated and selected on the basis of quality. Our sugar is only the purest cane sugar, not processed with bone char like typical sugars. We hand make our vanilla using Kentucky Bourbon and quality Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. We only use butters containing pure cream, no "natural" or artificial butter flavor.

With every bite of a C.B. Dough cookie, you can taste the effort it took to make it, the hard work small companies around the USA have taken in order to produce the most naturally delicious ingredients there are. As our consumer, your happiness always comes first, but we also take great pride in how happy and excited we are to share such an amazing product with you.

We’ve created our product with the customer in mind, but we’ve also considered the environmental impact. All of the companies we work with produce with minimal environmental footprints and we want to follow in their good example. Our product is packaged in glass jars to show off its beauty, but also to make recycling easier. Recycling contains the word "cycle" for a reason, and we want to keep the chain going.

Learn more about C.B. Dough at the White Label Expo held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 1& 2, 2021. Register your free tickets today!