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Sponsor Highlight: Heavenly Candy

We at the White Label Expo are excited to announce Heavenly Candy as event sponsors!

Their delicious candy is infused with CBD to provide all the amazing benefits cannabinoids have to offer plus a great taste. Heavenly Candy offers consumables such as gummy bears, peach rings, rips, extreme sour bites and chocolates. They also provide CBD infused honey sticks that could easily be blended into teas or other recipes and refreshments.

Heavenly Candy promotes all aspects of lifestyle improvements through the benefits generally attached to CBD along with the amazing, sweet flavors of the candies. In addition to edibles, they carry pet products to help alleviate ailments and diseases such as cancer, anxiety, phobias, aging, epilepsy, seizures and joint issues. According to their website, “Heavenly Candy uses a specially formulated, raw, unfiltered, and organic honey which is easy for pets to ingest and digest. CBD can aid your cat, dog, horse, or any other animal with physical and mental health problems”. This honey is found in their tabs, pet stix and pet tubs.

Heavenly Candy infuses all of their edibles with a 100% hemp-based, proprietary blend oil. The oil is extracted using subcritical (low temperature and pressure) CO2. This method is energy efficient and non-toxic. The team takes exceptional pride in knowing their products have premium taste while being made with the best methods.

Learn more about our wonderful sponsor this fall at the White Label Expo held at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Register your ticket today to discover the latest and most revolutionary products in the CBD community.