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New Software to Help Retailers Add Omnichannel

The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic caused major changes within the retail industry in a short period of time. Store shoppers transitioned to online buyers in an instant which left a multitude of stores struggling with this abrupt change. Elera, a brand new software created by Toshiba, helps brick and mortar retailers add functionality features without the need to re-platform. 

The systems set in place were difficult to transition towards because of the time, manpower, and money that is required. Elera has the power to fill the void between brick and mortar shops along with the online shopping world for consumers. With the launch of Toshiba’s new approach, stores are able to seamlessly implement curbside pickup, in-store pickup, predict inventory needs, process the returns of online orders, and much more. 

The Vice President of digital platform innovation for Toshiba’s Global Commerce Solutions division says, “Legacy systems make it painful to do multichannel and omnichannel… Those retailers that hadn’t already embarked on this journey, couldn’t pivot quickly [when COVID hit] That was a boon for companies like Instacart, which many retailers used to implement BOPIS and same-day delivery quickly”. 

Elera is equipped with 400 APIs and 30 pre-packaged microservices, which are individual services that are able to be swapped out to keep businesses up to date and flourishing with current trends. The system also enables merchants to obtain a better understanding of their customers while they’re in stores, such as motion tracking systems, to determine what factors will boost sales.

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