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The Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Amazon has been offering third-party selling on its platform since 2000, and according to The Balance Small Business, they have shipped out more than 3.4 billion third-party items in one year alone, with over 50% of sales in 2020 being made by third-party sellers. They also detail the top three advantages to selling on Amazon:

  1. Massive Traffic: Over 215 million people per month visit Amazon in the US alone. By selling on their platform, you gain access to millions of customers you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach and can leverage their business and create sales.

  2. Established System: Amazon already has a proven e-commerce system in place. Rather than worrying about setting up your website and fulfilling deliveries, your time is freed up to focus on marketing and further building your brand. 

  3. Trusted Brand: Building enough trust with consumers that they are willing to make a purchase is a massive undertaking for business owners and can take years, but Amazon is already an established brand that consumers trust and will buy from. 

The Amazon Sellers University is another amazing tool provided by the e-commerce giant to make starting your Amazon business as pain-free as possible. They provide free training videos that teach you how to create listings, understand the rules, and properly utilize advertising opportunities. Entrepreneur praises the Amazon business model, saying, “Unlike most entrepreneurial ventures, you can start an Amazon business by spending just one hour a day on it and less than $2,000. You can create a multi-million dollar asset that gives you financial freedom and free time.”

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