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Amazon Initiates Project Zero in 7 New Countries

After the initial launch of Project Zero in 2019, Amazon recently announced its launch in Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Turkey and the Netherlands. The brand service initiative has become a major success, making it available in 17 countries as of now. Project Zero was created to diminish counterfeits throughout the platform by self service automation protection systems.

The service functions based on Amazon’s machine learning softwares, previously used for scanning stores, are set in place to determine counterfeits through daily listing update effects at approximately 5 billion listings. Brands apply a unique code on every unit they manufacture for an enrolled product, allowing Amazon to scan and confirm the authenticity of every one of those products purchased in Amazon’s stores. This allows for the system to detect the fake products before it even reaches a customer.

Reputable companies from various industries use Project Zero to their benefit. A representative from BMW says, “Project Zero has been a very easy and effective tool at protecting BMW on Amazon. We are very appreciative of the tools Amazon has built to enable us to protect our brand”.

Amazon’s expansion of the project allows for brand image reinforcement and protection for businesses all over the world. To learn more about the latest in eCommerce, visit the White Label Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center - September 1st & 2nd. Register for free tickets today!