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Partner Announcement: Cannabis Law Report

We are proud to announce the partnership between Cannabis Law Report and The White Label World Expo! We gladly aim for this partnership to highlight the importance of providing Cannabis Law Report’s members with opportunities to develop their business capabilities and foster professional growth for all members inspired to become business leaders in their communities.

We are proud to be working alongside the Cannabis Law Report, the only independent site which covers law and business in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD sectors on a daily basis.

We at The White Label World Expo recognize that opportunities to successfully navigate the CBD space are what Cannabis Law Report members need to get a headstart in their business ambitions. We hope that The White Label World Expo can serve as a place where Cannabis Law Report members discover mentorship, networking opportunities, and tools and services that will propel their entrepreneurial pursuits.

“White Label CBD & Hemp is committed to providing the most innovative news, hottest products, and industry trends in the CBD and Cannabis industry,” noted Marketing Director Milen Guergov. “As part of our initiative to highlight influential exhibitors and partners within the cannabis industry, we are proud to partner with Cannabis Law Report.”

We look forward to supporting Cannabis Law Report with their ongoing mission to simplify the complexities of the legal environment surrounding cannabis, and welcome its members and associates to our event.

If you would like to find out more about Cannabis Law Report, please check out their website here and Register For Your Free Ticket to The White Label World Expo here.