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Don't Buy CBD Oil From Amazon?!

Everybody loves the convenience and safety that comes with shopping online through major e-commerce companies. So, it’s no surprise that many people head straight to Amazon to buy CBD oil, not realizing those products are fake or sketchy.

Here’s the problem.

Amazon doesn't allow the sale of CBD oil products, so you will not find established brands on their platform. What you will find, are fake products sold by individuals who see that "CBD" is a highly searched keyword with zero competition —because it's not allowed.

But...I Found "CBD Oil" on Amazon

Search "CBD oil" on Amazon and you’ll find 20+ pages of results. This is because of the “tags” the seller is using in the back end of their product listing.

We Put Amazon's Top CBD Products to the (Lab) Test

We purchased the top three recommended "CBD oil products" on Amazon and sent them to an accredited third-party cannabis testing facility in our home state of Michigan.

#1: CBD Tincture

When we searched "CBD oil" on Amazon, this tincture was the first thing to pop up. They have an impressive 309 reviews.

Well, it does contain CBD...but not even remotely close to the advertised amount. The "1,000mg" text on the label boldly suggests there is 1,000mg CBD.

However, the test came back at just 8.7mg CBD in the entire bottle.

The lab report above shows that there's 0.3mg CBD per gram. This product is in a 1oz bottle, with the total liquid inside weighing 29 grams. So, if we multiply 29 by 0.3, we get the total CBD in the product —8.7mg.

#2: CBD Gummies

CBD edibles are very popular despite their higher price points. We tested the top suggested product with 556 reviews.

As it turns out, each gummy contains just 0.3mg of CBD. That's a far cry from the advertised 30mg CBD.

The lab test shows that there's 0.1mg CBD per gram. Each gummy weighs 3.05 grams, so we multiplied 0.1 by 3.05 to get that result.

#3: CBD Tincture

Another top recommended product with 632 reviews. At this point, we should take a positive rating with a grain of salt.

This particular product came back at 255mg of CBD, which meets their advertised 250mg CBD.

While it's nice to see a product finally test with the amount of CBD they advertise, there is no other record of this brand online. It seems to solely exist on this Amazon listing.

The results show it contains 8.8mg of CBD per gram. This product is 1oz (30ml) and weighs 29 grams, so we multiplied 29 by 8.8 to get that result.

So, we can see that while there are some good CBD products on Amazon, there are no checks to ensure each product contains the CBD quantity advertised, thus making it difficult for consumers to choose a quality product.


Always remember that anybody can sell on Amazon.