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What Makes GrowthCell + CBD Formulas Unique

GrowthCell's one-of-a-kind amino acid blend utilizes the natural intelligence of oligopeptide (amino acid chain) therapy, cutting-edge absorption technology, and cannabinoid synergy to maximize the wellness benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) administration. Until now, there has never been a singular ingredient known to have all of these endocannabinoid enhancing qualities. On February 26th at 12:00pm and 3:00pm, and February 27th at 11:00am and 3:00pm at GrowthCell Masterclass Booth, Dr. HJ Raza MD Ph.D., an internationally respected physician, researcher, educator, and activist, will reference his 25 years of professional experience and prestigious study to discuss the revolutionary CBD synergy demonstrated by GrowthCell Global's white label formulas.

On July 18th, GrowthCell Global Crop. was presented with the prestigious CBD Innovation Award in Barcelona, Spain, at the Inaugural World CBD Awards. This award recognized the innovative success behind GrowthCell's efforts and acknowledged the significant benefit that our CBD synergizing blend has brought to the cannabinoid industry. Dr. HJ Raza has an extensive medical background with The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and The NYU Medical Center. He has spent many years researching at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, studying neuroscience and the human endocannabinoid system making him the ideal candidate to discuss our unique entourage technology. 

Dr. HJ Raza will discuss how this incredible raw ingredient contains a spectrum of natural growth factors, cationic peptides, and natural salts that help to assist the absorption of CBD across the intestinal membrane. Human studies, conducted with the Department of National Defence have demonstrated GrowthCell's ability to increase cannabinoid absorption when taken along with CBD containing solutions. This synergy results in significantly elevated CBD blood serum levels.


Once absorbed into the bloodstream, these maximized CBD concentrations continue to circulate in search of vital physiological targets. The growth factors (FGFs ~ Fibroblast Growth Factors) found in GrowthCell's amino acid composition help to stimulate essential cellular receptors (RTK receptors) and intracellular communicating proteins (ERK1/2), which orchestrate more frequent incidences of cannabinoid receptor activity. GrowthCell's next-generation technology not only increases circulating levels of cannabidiol in the blood but also helps to direct CBD to the appropriate targets while improving its ability to stimulate endogenous cannabinoid receptors. 

Finally, the attributes of select growth factors contained in GrowthCell's proprietary mixture and the size of the cationic oligopeptides (amino acid chains) in our blend are linked to an increase in blood-brain barrier permeability via related cellular transport activities, and Adsorptive- Mediated Transcytosis (AMT). Cannabinoids have a rich array of targets in the nervous system, indicating an even more significant therapeutic impact of this hemp-optimizing combination. Dr. HJ Raza will illuminate all of these details and more during this exclusive Masterclass. Enjoy the session, and head over to our GrowthCell Global booth #522 once you are finished. We are looking forward to meeting and connecting with fellow innovators at this year's 2020 WhiteLabel Expo.