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In The Spotlight - Magpie Primitives

Chastity Palermo founded her gift company, originally based in New York, Magpie Primitives back in the early 2000’s. Since childhood, she has loved the look of magpie crows, and since magpie is a word which also describes someone who likes to collect and gather things, the name seemed fitting. Magpie Primitives’ wearable candles are part of a spa collection and are made from an all-natural blend of soy, coconut and shea body butter that burns cleanly and is safe to use on skin. These candles are a best-selling product for the company. With all natural ingredients, Palermo ensured her products would be safe for anyone to use! 

Palermo has expressed how we are exposed to thousands of pollutants every day, everywhere we go. She feels it’s important to bring as few pollutants into our homes as possible; yet everyone wants pleasant-smelling homes and products. The solution for Palermo was to create pleasant-smelling, natural, functional items for everyone's homes and bodies. Her goal is to keep Magpie Primitives as personal as possible while she grows. She never wants to lose sight of how she got to where she is and the people who helped and stuck by her side along the way

There is a lot of effort on Palermo’s part to vet her vendors, test raw materials and consistently quality check all incoming raw materials, even from vendors that she uses regularly. Palermo is always on the hunt for new and exciting natural product vendors to source materials for her product lines. You will rarely find her away from production and, in fact, most of the manufacturing is done by her alongside her assistants! Magpie Primitives is quickly expanding and reintroducing other product offerings, like dolls, décor and adult skincare gifts. They will be all natural unless noted otherwise, and the target market for the Magpie game plan is going to be hotels, spas, boutique pharmacies and specialty shops.