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In The Spotlight - Channel Key!

We’re here to solve the problems many online retailers face, helping them grow and control their brands and their revenue. Channel Key has SEO and keyword services, optimization strategies, and actionable analytics to improve profits on every sale. Even more important, Channel Key provides the proactive management of one of the most valued buyer triggers — the review. Every business is different. First, we take a look at your products, analyze your positioning, content, operations, and strategies to customize only those solutions that are needed to drive more sales. Then we find opportunities you might have missed, in addition to chances to promote and protect your brand. It’s up to you to choose what services are right and valuable to you.


Our team of experts has the pedigree of a Top 200 Amazon seller, experts on ad development, marketing, reputation management, pricing optimization, and more. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in helping diverse clients accelerate their Amazon e-commerce sales. We use our combined 30 years of marketing know-how to engage your buyers. The right positioning and your operational relationship with Amazon are only part of the process. We specialize in driving the consistent buyer experiences expected by today’s savvy e-commerce shoppers. With our years of specialization in the Amazon Marketplace, we know the proven techniques that optimize your platform presence for maximum visibility. Channel Key delivers services, analytics, and advice to improve your margins on every sale.


The Channel Key team is passionate about creating your business success, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. By using the right Amazon Seller Consultant, we provide proven and professional services that “cut through the noise” of the more than 480 million offerings on Amazon. These proven methods can help to propel your product to the first page of search results so they’re seen by more potential buyers. Our services are focused on what will jumpstart your brand for better visibility, content, and distribution. We even locate the best opportunities that you’re not taking advantage of. Learn more about Channel Key here!