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3 Things FBA Sellers Should Always Know

Prepared by GETIDA for White Label Expo 2020



The size of your product matters because of the FBA fees that are based on the dimensions of your individual products. Instead, they utilize their own machine to measure your products, so even a loose piece of tape can alter the dimensions they see. This can result in extra costs incurred on the FBA seller.

The best way to correct any issues in Amazon’s measuring is to have your own record of the correct dimensions of all SKUs.


There are only three times within the FBA cycle that you can personally ensure that the status of your inventory is accurate. One of those times is when you receive returns or removals from an FBA warehouse.

When you receive inventory back from Amazon, you should go through it and ensure that what you received was what Amazon described and what you were expecting. Every return has an explanation the consumer provided. If they claimed the product was damaged, there was a missing piece, etc., then make sure that correlates with the inventory shipped back to you.

If you’re checking your returns and removals, then you discover a host of discrepancies. For example, you may discover inaccuracies in the description of return,  that you were sent the wrong product, or that the number of items you were supposed to be receiving is inaccurate. Finding these discrepancies can result in the seller being eligible to file a claim and be reimbursed by Amazon.


Long term storage fees are going up. Fees for larger items are already and will continue to be substantial. it may be cheaper to remove any items before you get slapped with the long-term storage fees.

Ask yourself the following:

Are you incurring long term storage fees?

Are you overstocked?

If you answered yes to either of the following, it may be better to remove the overstock and store it somewhere else until you need to replenish your FBA inventory.

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