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New Sponsor! Laughing Lion Herbs

We are proud to announce Laughing Lion Herbs as one of our White Label World Expo Las Vegas sponsors. Based in Colorado, Laughing Lion Herbs grows quality natural herbs, specifically Kratom, for use as an herbal remedy or supplement. 

The White Label Expo recognizes that many people prefer natural substances to over the counter alternatives. Laughing Lion Herbs harvests the highest quality herbs to create their supplements and herbal remedies. Their pure kratom powder is triple checked for the highest standard of products. People have used things like kratom to improve their wellbeing, help with minor aches and pains, and help provide increased energy, stamina, and mental clarity. The combination of these properties made kratom popular among those with physically demanding jobs. Ensuring that your staff is healthy by all means is a crucial part of managing a business. We hope that by having Laughing Lion Herbs sponsor the White Label World Expo, we will help entrepreneurs and business owners gain access to high-quality natural remedies. 

“When you hire hard-working people, you want to avoid burnout at all costs. Once your employees slow down, your business will start to slow down,” notes Event Director John Richard. Laughing Lion Herbs is phenomenal for everyone who is looking for a natural fix to their fatigue. I’m very excited about working with Laughing Lion Herbs as one of our sponsors because the natural remedies they offer can keep people mentally on top and in shape without the need for lab made energy supplements. The White Label World Expo team is incredibly thankful to have them sponsor our show.”

We look forward to supporting Laughing Lion Herbs with its ongoing objective to help individuals maintain a healthy body and mind. We welcome Laughing Lion Herbs and its team members and associates to our event and thank them for their generous contribution. 

If you would like to find out more about Laughing Lion Herbs, please check out their website here. If you would like to Register For a Free Ticket to The White Label Expo, you can do so here.