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What Makes Cedar Bear® Herbs Work So Well?

By Jhoane Robinson, Traditional Herbalist, Co-Founder Cedar Bear Naturales

It’s not just the herbs, it’s also the process!

Almost 40 years ago, Clinical & Formulary Herbalist and Cedar Bear’s Founder, L. Carl Robinson, conceived of and developed a unique and proprietary multi-step process for making totally alcohol-free liquid herbs that are amazingly effective. Because his revolutionary process was not an alcohol tincture and was far more than a typical extract, and more effective than either, he named it the TincTract® (for TINCture extTRACTion).

A TincTract® herb is made with only herb, glycerin, and water. Nothing else! Our philosophy at Cedar Bear® is that herbs have been used for health support by many cultures and for many millennia, and true herbalism in its pure form uses whole herbs, not isolates and pseudo-drug approaches. By utilizing herbs in as close a manner as Nature has provided them, with all of their wonderful, complex nutrients and constituents, we get the full and greatest benefits that these herbs can provide. A TincTract® processed herb is more a highly concentrated herbal tea than anything else. A very small amount brings very big results. 

With Cedar Bear®’s TincTract® process, and using only whole herb parts, (leaf, flower, stem, root, bark), the herb’s components are freed from the plant matrix with all their health-supporting constituents intact and the glycerin micro-encapsulates the herb components on a molecular level, holding them in perpetual suspension. The herb, in a liquid form, is now available to the body without having to go through any energy-consuming digestive processes.

Glycerin is a natural substance that your body recognizes, so when you take Cedar Bear® herbs, your body can easily utilize them. Because Cedar Bear®’s TincTract® process makes herbs both bio-available and bio-utilizable, every drop immediately goes to work supporting your health and well-being.

Since the TincTract® process itself makes them extremely shelf stable, Cedar Bear®’s herbs don’t need preservatives or refrigeration, even after opening! Because they taste so good, they don’t need sweeteners or any other additives.  

Cedar Bear® herbs are easy to use (take them full strength or put them in water), and easy to take with you wherever you go. 

All Cedar Bear® products are Kosher certified, Vegan certified, and Halal compliant and are manufactured with meticulous QC standards in an FDA registered & inspected facility.

And last but definitely not least, Cedar Bear® herbs taste so good, it is a pleasure to use them! Glycerin, while almost as sweet as sugar, does not negatively impact blood sugar and makes the herbs taste even better than they do when fresh harvested, and much better than alcohol processed herbal products. 


Cedar Bear® was founded by real and experienced herbalists to provide you with true herbal products to support your health in the best natural way possible. Whatever your need, we have an herb for that!™