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A New Wave of Banking: Private Label

Posted November 13, 2019


Have you ever heard of private label banking? It’s much more common than you think. With the growing presence of mobile banking, private label banking apps are reaching increased popularity. 


Private labeling, the process of taking a product or service and turning its appearance and brand to match that of the retailer, has begun moving beyond the simple applications to physical consumer products. One of the biggest advantages to private labeling is the ease of not having to create a new product from scratch, but instead use an already created product from a manufacturer to be rebranded under the name of the retailer. This advantage is being utilized in personal finance with companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon getting banking apps, created by smaller firms and financial technology companies (fintechs), to be private labeled under their services.

This symbiotic relationship allows smaller companies to compete with established financial giants as well as give retailers a path to branching out towards other markets. 

So what is the result? A new wave of banking apps that are rapidly increasing in popularity. You may have heard some of these apps, such as Mint and Simple.

And it doesn’t stop there. White label banking (or white label retail banking) follows a similar process, where fintech companies develop efficient person finance tools and a branding agency packages that software or program into a featured app for easy use. The overall concept of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) has become much more standard with the innovations of mobile technology and increased app use, and with it, industries like banking are making advancements with private label and white label. 

So what does this mean for entrepreneurs and ambitious business professionals? There is always opportunity for business growth and new investments wherever you look, and banking is another lucrative opportunity with private label and white label. Getting involved in this type of business, whether it be as a developer, a distributor, a branding agency, an information security agency, or a retailer, will prove to be worthwhile if you have the right ideas to put forth an excellent service that can easily compete with current financial giants. 


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