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You Can Make $500K per Month on Amazon

Posted: October 28, 2019

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but never took up the opportunity due to lack of investment or business experience? Single mother Angie Chacon lacked both and still made it big with her online beauty-related products. Entrepreneurs take note! Learn from Angie’s example on how e-commerce is your gateway to bringing your business dreams into reality.
Angie makes $500,000 per month using Amazon, after receiving training from the Amazon Selling Machine (ASM), which is a free training program by Amazon designed to get new entrepreneurs to understand the must-know basics of online selling. From starting her own business all by herself, to having a part-time employee, to running a whole team as her business grew, Angie shows that anyone with perseverance, the mind to develop the right brand, and a thirst for learning can succeed in their business goals.

Sharing the same desire as many other entrepreneurs, Angie did not want to continue working a 9-5 job and went on to pursue an e-commerce business to make her living, which provided her the freedom of working her own hours and inputting her efforts for immediate results on business growth. The shocking part about her story is that she had no prior Amazon experience (not even as an online shopper).
By learning the tricks of the trade from ASM and from advice she picked up along the way, Angie was able to go from nothing to running her own Amazon FBA business. But it wasn’t a smooth ride. She went into selling beauty products and had to quickly learn from her mistakes, always rebounding and willing to create new products when she discovered she had initially made the wrong product.

According to Angie herself, one of the most important lessons she learned quickly was discipline and time management. Being able to plan out and executive her business decisions was key to getting her business off the ground, as she notes a lot of entrepreneurs give up when the first attempt doesn’t immediately lead to success.

Effectively scheduling for time to strike a balance between work and personal life is a must for making any sort of progress, and being open to learning from others had allowed her to put into practice the ideas and strategies that she would not have come up with all by herself. Her involvement in the ASM community gave her the ability to find mentors who were chock full of insights on how to effectively run your business and sell your own products.


With Angie’s example, it’s no surprise people are jumping into e-commerce to make their living, but like Angie we should all be open to absorbing as much information as we can to know we are making the right business decisions. Check out some of our other blog posts on How to Get your Product on Amazon and how you can utilize white label into your business strategy to make your e-commerce, reselling, and retail journey all the easier.

And feel free to read Angie’s full story below, which we used as our main source on this incredible story, and take a look at other sources to get a better picture at how Angie built her success from the ground-up.

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