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Nuriv’s Patented Technology Sets Private Label CBD Products Apart from Others

Over the next 5 years, the CBD industry is expected to exceed $20 billion. With all the hype and interest in cashing in with the hope of acquiring a piece of the pie, some might predict that the industry will quickly become overcrowded. The key for startups and established businesses wanting to get in on this billion dollar industry: their products must be a cut above the rest.


In consideration of capitalizing off of the CBD industry, one can assume a company will first do their due diligence to research and find a manufacturer that can provide a safe, effective formulation at a reasonable cost. The problem: many private label manufacturers don’t provide the process of how their CBD is extracted or what additional ingredients are added to the products - let alone a service for controlling costs and quality by manufacturing from start to finish.


Nuriv is a unique partnership between scientists, ingredients manufacturers, and finished product manufacturers, which provides them with a depth of experience that is hard to come by in the CBD space. Nuriv and their partners have a combined 30 years experience specializing in clean oil processing, natural, non-GMO, allergen free and whole foods.


Nutritional ingredients can be costly, as well as fragile. Many supplements cannot withstand the high heat encountered in processing.  The same ingredients also encounter degradation in the digestive tract. The result is a product that has a high price but little efficacy. Nuriv formulates CBD differently; utilizing cutting-edge, patented technologies that create formulas which use microencapsulation to protect ingredients from heat and stomach degradation. These formulas are highly absorbable,  allow for greater bioavailability, and prove stable with a shelf life of up to 2 years. Plus, Nuriv’s formulations are perfect for a wide variety of applications. 


Nuriv can meet any application challenge, whether the purpose of a product is to enhance the consumer’s daily life or meet a specific need. Think liquid CBD coffee creamers, powdered turmeric-CBD creamers, or CBD protein powders, single serving shots, multi-serving supplements, beverages,  gel caps, stick packs, and emulsions.


Nuriv is creating the unimaginable in the CBD space. By providing companies with private label and white label services, companies have the opportunity to bring their vision to market from start to finish in a fast, efficient, and cost effective way.


For companies looking to start cashing in on CBD - find a reputable manufacturer, make sure their formulations are created by scientists, and ensure the manufacturer follows standards which will allow for safe, clean formulations.


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