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What's A White Label?

Updated: October 14, 2019

White label products are taking the retail industry by storm, in fact, they are dominating it. The question remains; what are white label products?

According to investopedia, “White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party.”

Sound simple enough? 

If you’re still wrapping your head around the in’s and out’s of how white labelling works, let’s break down the steps of how a white label product is made:

White label products are created when a business manufactures a basic generic product or service that are then distributed to a large number of retailers to sell. When the retailers receive the product, they are allowed to rebrand them with their brand name and logo on — hence the name white label. 
To the consumer, it would appear that the retailer has created the product themselves, with no external help or influence. Despite appearing to have no connection to the final item sold, there are still massive benefits to white label products for the manufacturing company.  


The value market share of white label products in U.S. is 52.50%, one of the highest figures in Europe as of 2018. This represents a 28% increase from 2014 where the value stood at 41%. Looking at the growth of the market, you would assume that the industry is still increasing in size, making it very appealing to enter.

There are a massive number of products and services that can be white label, ranging from pet grooming products and health supplements, to cleaning products and DIY tools. This means that no matter what your business manufactures or sells, there will be a white label market for it.

And what better way to get your foot into the white label market than by taking part in a white label trade show?

If your manufacturing business wants to exhibit your high-quality products, check out what the White Label Expo can do for you. This U.S. leading event for resellers of white label goods brings manufacturers and white label professionals in front of thousands of market-leading Amazon and eBay sellers, decision-makers from businesses around the U.S. The White Label Expo is not only the place for product exposure but it is also a great opportunity for new startups to find new products to sell.

So hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about what White Label is all about (and even better if you’re considering attending our show)!

Regardless of your interest in the White Label Expo, we hope that now you’ve got the knowledge needed to go out into the business world and utilize White Label to maximize its use for your products.

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