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CBD's Explosion Into White Label

Updated: October 16, 2019

The CBD industry is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the U.S., and indeed the whole world. When 2016 brought the legalisation of cannabidiol (CBD) along with the recognised medical benefits of the chemical, the green light was given to an industry that was waiting to capitalise on a clear and voracious market. Now a fully fledged and booming industry, there is a tremendous amount of white label CBD products that are taking the world by storm.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural oil extract that is found in marijuana plants. The oil is typically used for its medicinal qualities, as it is an excellent and relatively harmless painkiller. The oil can be made into a multitude of different products, all serving a unique function ranging from pain relief to general recreational enjoyment, and it is this versatility that has given CBD oil such a leg up in the cannabis market over recent years.

You can read our previous blog on the general benefits of white label products, and these benefits are universal for all white label products. The most popular CBD products are among the edible variety, and through creating a strong brand to place on high-quality white label products, the potential to be apart of the growing 16.8 billion pound industry is unfathomable. To truly put things in perspective, users of CBD products doubled in 2017, after only a year of running. This should paint an image of a lucrative sector that is expanding quickly and is brimming with unprecedented opportunities.
Users of CBD doubled in 2017 to 250,000, and this is still increasing as we progress through this year. With so much potential, finding a gap in the market can be difficult. 

This is a key reason for attending the White Label Expo, as being able to witness the industry in one place will be essential for visitors to not only highlight their own gap in the market but to invest money into the ones they wish to see continue to grow. 

With the rate at which the CBD industry is growing and expanding, White Label Expo is excited to see the buzz around all the exhibitors displaying these products when the show comes around.

If you are able to supply white label CBD products of any kind, this event is perfect for you. You will be face to face with visitors who understand the sector, and being side by side next to competitors will give you a chance to explore the industry further and highlight your next market gap to capitalize upon. With the industry still growing, and growing so fast, getting on board now will be essential to maximizing the success you will find at The White Label World Expo.


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