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Water Rock Farming: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Water Rock Farming

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Water Rock Farming consists of a fully integrated, family owned & operated farmstead rooted in the high desert region of Nevada. We strive to bring vegetation and life to our otherwise arid ecosystem by implementing sustainable farming practices centered around providing agricultural self-sufficiency.

To make our dream a reality, we utilize hemp based permaculture, which supports each aspect of our livelihood on the farm - from animal feed, to our high quality retail products.

We strongly believe in the supportive qualities of hemp for the human body. This is why all of our products are formulated from our exclusive, highly praised hemp strain - ‘Igweed’. We have delicately cultivated and adapted this high CBD strain over time in order to best support our customer’s unique needs. It is our passion to provide high quality, affordable hemp products to our customers. From farm to formula, we are dedicated to creating accessible hemp-based products that support quality of life for all.