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SOLID HOUSE Co: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


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Confidence in MA BEAUTE, green life is SO NATURAL.

Solid House Co., Ltd. aims to provide a natural way of feeling healthy and good about yourself, by changing the chemical products used in daily life. Wanting to give back to nature which has given so much to us, founder Jabbar Lin and brother, JunChung Lin, together with other team members formed a research and development task force to deliver organic and natural based products which are safe to consumers and the environment. To achieve that, the team has sworn to go down the organic path of attaining `100% non-petrochemicals`.

Everyone hates big talk but no action. To provide our customers with trust in our products and goals, we not only use ECOCERT natural organic ingredients but have also sought certifications. 5 major certifications that we have obtained are Germany TUV remove pesticides test, China COAS ZhongHua Organic Certification, USDA Organic Certification, Australian Organic Certification and the successful passing of various SGS Tests. Our products are also attested by live demonstrations in overseas exhibitions enabling successful export sales to 10 countries; a trusted and reliable brand recognized internationally.

To date, our ecofriendly products consist of MA BEAUTE skin care products, SO NATURAL Organic All Purpose, Organic Sensitive Pro-Relief All in one Tooth Mousse, Organic baby shampoo and bubble bath, Organic shampoo & shower gel, Organic conditioner anti-frizz, and Natural non-toxic pesticide.

Empowering our clients are important to us as well. Knowledge is power and an important know how is to differentiate natural and chemical products. Natural products, when exposed to fire will not produce a plastic burning smell; it is clear when mixed with water; should not contain any trace of tar substance and can be restored to its original state.
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