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Primordia: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


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Primordia combines legacy agriculture and cGMP extraction facilities, forming a vertically integrated company built to meet the demands of the global CBD marketplace. Our thinking is quite simple, utilize our access to thousands of acres of prime farmland and deploy state of the art extraction and refinement technologies in a GMP lab, in turn producing great products that help us live better, healthier lives.

We are committed to growing the best hemp available and our certified organic ground is the foundation of this promise. Free from harmful pesticides and heavy metals, most of our organic ground has been in rotation with other crops for years providing our hemp with a certified organic label that guarantees clean, premium biomass destined for extraction. Once extracted, our certified organic distillate and water soluble extracts can be infused into your products, carrying the USDA organic seal.

Primordia utilizes the latest extraction technologies to produce high-quality, organic and conventional hemp extracts. Using a range of equipment including ethanol and Co2 based extraction, wipe film distillation, emulsification, and pressure-based isolation technologies, we produce traditional and certified organic hemp extracts like CBD isolate, distillate, and water-soluble powder at an industrial scale as well as finished products like bath bombs, topical lotions, and beverages. We pride ourselves on consistency, reliability, and transparency on every transaction and we welcome customers down to the ranch to visit in person.

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