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Mind Right CBD: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Mind Right CBD

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“We get one life on this Earth, in this body, so why not treat it with the utmost respect and care? At Mind Right, we have made it our mission to help bring peace of mind and self love to each person we reach. We live by the belief that radical inner-self love can create a beautiful outward change in the world, and in the way we live. Founded in 2019 by two young entrepreneurs, whose lives were dramatically changed by CBD, Mind Right has made a goal to share our discovery of freedom through wellness with every person.” -The Mind Right Team

Our 3 Company Values:
From the beginning, our mission was to achieve 3 things,
1) Help and educate people to live a more healthy lifestyle by delivering the highest quality products
2) Have an end-to-end zero carbon footprint
3) Advocate and invest in global causes that can benefit everyone

To accomplish this, we’re developing an evolving ecosystem of information through our website, blog, and podcast. We strive to have the highest level of integrity on the development and sustainability of our products by providing tested results and only using recycled materials for bottling and packaging.