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MCTC Holdings/ Cannabis Global : Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

MCTC Holdings/ Cannabis Global

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CGI unveils a CBD and hemp coffee made from the finest ingredients available. 100% organic coffee with an unique infusion of lab certified CBD infused with organic inulin from vegetable and honey from organic farms.

Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee Infusions are available in two formats.

The first is a tablet containing hemp infusions and other ingredients that can be customized by the customer. The manufacturer simply adds the tablet to the coffee pod during the manufacturing process.

Powdered forms are also available for manufacturers with automated capabilities.

Whether in tablet or powder form, both include dual infusion technologies that use no chemical additives, surfactants or other processing additives. Upon contact with water, the cannabinoids and other ingredients are infused directly into the beverage with near 99% efficiency with minimal or no effect on the taste or other characteristics of the beverage.

Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee Infusions are designed for ease of use, dosing accuracy and high bioavailability.

The product utilizes two infusion technologies, both of which allow for clean labeling of products as no chemical additives of any kind are utilized.

CGI has developed and applied for patents on new technologies that utilize only organic, natural and non-GMO ingredients.

Cannabis Global is a global player in the fast growing and highly lucrative cannabis marketplace headquartered in bustling Downtown Los Angeles, California. The Company will be involved in both the industrial hemp markets, where permitted and legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, and the legal marijuana markets as permitted and licensed by way of various state and local laws and regulations.

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