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GrowthCell Global Corp: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

GrowthCell Global Corp

GrowthCell's oligopeptide complex is a cutting edge growth factor and amino acid delivery system. Today, this product is used to improve the quality of life for both animals and people around the world. However, this complex would not be available to us, if it wasn't for the revolutionary research conducted by Dr. Gheorge Mihaescue.

Dr. Mihascue is an acclaimed expert in fields such as Experimental Immunology in Oncology, Steroid Biochemistry, Radio-assay Methodologies, and Geriatric Nutrition. While the discovery of our product's incredible qualities was vital, he has also written 32 published research papers and holds 15 invention patents which have been prized by the European scientific community at the prestigious Brussels and Geneva Conventions.

After ten years of research at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Institute of Physical and Engineering Research in Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Mihaescu displayed a crucial quality of embryonic peptides extracted using his technology (our patented extraction process). His evidence demonstrated that the bioactive components of the peptide complex could cross the intestinal membranes, allowing them to reach critical physiological targets.

Our raw dietary ingredient is a pharmaceutical-grade chicken embryo extraction produced following Dr. Mihascue's method. The result is a powerful anti-aging agent, containing growth factors, amino acids, and more. Since Dr. Mihaescu's process allows vital ingredients to cross the intestinal membranes, it is clear that these natural compounds are free to strengthen the body, improve cellular communication, and care for the nervous system.

As it turns out, this oligopeptide complex has many incredible applications as a medicinal and therapeutic supplement. So naturally, the extraction has been studied by scientists around the world for over a decade. During these years, the embryonic products have been rigorously investigated for their potential impact on arthropathic pain, neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic syndromes, cancers, and tumors. Additionally, embryo extractions have been indicated in anxiety relief, hormone balance, adrenal regulation, and more.

In 2009, it was shown that one of the growth factors (FGF) contained in our raw ingredient was able to mediate stem cell regeneration, survival, and activation. By 2010, this same molecule was indicated in ERK signaling, a crucial part of cellular communication. Soon after, in 2011, a study displayed that the FGF contained in chick embryo extractions can activate RTK receptors and ERK 1/2 intracellular communicating proteins. This same study determined that as a result of this activity, cannabinoid receptors received an increased activity.

It took one particularly innovative molecular biologist to identify that this product also contains endogenous cannabinoid compounds. The endogenous compounds AEA and 2-AG are found in all mammals, and they are critical during embryonic development. The biologist who discovered the endocannabinoid agents spent a great deal of time pouring over the molecular weights of the extraction and the included compounds. They noted that the weight of the components did not add up correctly with the finalized product. Referencing their studies, this scientist was able to demonstrate that the remaining mass was attributed to endogenous cannabinoid elements.

All of these endocannabinoid qualities led to a storm of interest about GrowthCell's oligopeptide complex and its ability to enhance cannabinoid products. While studies clearly showed that the complex could boost cannabinoid absorption and endocannabinoid communication, it would be several years until the embryonic extract would be proven to elevate circulating levels of CBD.

This year (2019), we had the oligopeptide complex tested at a US Navy Medical Lab. The results proved that GrowthCell's oligopeptide complex revolutionizes cannabidiol enhancement, by allowing blood serum CBD levels to reach 134.1ng/ml! By comparison, sublingual CBD ingestion of the same 30mg dose would likely reach 8-11ng/ml. A breakthrough like this will have incredible implications for cannabinoid science.

Now, we are not only looking at this vital dietary supplement as a stand-alone product that boosts health and happiness. Instead, GrowthCell's oligopeptide complex will be remembered as an incredible endocannabinoid enhancer, that circumvents the minimal bioavailability of cannabinoid products. Packed with super antioxidants, growth factors, amino acids, and more, you won't want to miss out on the revolutionary benefits of this embryonic extraction.

This raw ingredient can be purchased only through a licensing agreement. GrowthCell Global Corp. believes that licensing is the best way to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of the innovative finished products that contain our value added ingredient in the market.
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