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CalyFX: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


CalyFx is an effect base CBD/THC company that offers their medicine in an upscale delivery system. We take only the most beneficial parts of the cannabis plant to create our custom blends of CBD distillate, THC distillate and terpenes. The flavors and aromas of the blends are created from 100% plant-based terpenes to help elevate the experience. CalyFx addresses each of the top reasons patients have for seeking out medicinal cannabis and provide an option they can trust.

Our mission was simple- To create a line of medicine that had all of the benefits of marijuana without the smell, hassle or confusion faced when trying to learn about indicas, sativas, tinctures, concentrates and waxes. We understand that especially when caring for loved ones, it is hard to have extra time to research and learn about the most effective cannabis treatments. CalyFx has removed the guesswork, providing a product line that you can trust to be high quality and high potency each and every time.

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